Are Silicone Bongs any Good or Is it Just a Hype?

Most people would automatically purchase a glass bong. However, those who have no have usually also smashed at least one of them. Often, it is only one part of the bong, such as the down stem or the slide, that smashes, but that still means they need to replace it. The drawbacks of this go beyond having to replace a glass bong. It means having to tidy up the glass and risking missing a couple of shards and it also means having sticky water everywhere. The solution, it seems, is to choose silicone bongs instead. But is the silicone hype just that – a hype – or are they actually any good?

The Benefits of Silicone Bongs

Silicone bongs were actually created by people who not only love to toke but also love to do so outside. Glass models are very difficult to take along to camping trips and other outdoor activities. The silicone option is perfect for people who live an active lifestyle and who don’t want to have to worry about smashing up their favorite toke supplies whenever they go out. Silicone is affordable and durable as well as being portable and foldable. Indeed, a silicone bong can fit in a backpack or even a ski jacket without any troubles.

However, silicone is much lighter than glass and this is something that people do struggle with. They feel that, because it is so lightweight, it is not as secure. Mainly, they worry that silicone will feel a bit alien and weird simply because it isn’t what they are used to. Furthermore, people often worry that there will be a scent or flavor associated with silicone and that this could be noticed when it is used to smoke. They fear that the rubber taste or smell will infiltrate their hit while at the same time allowing their tobacco choices to infiltrate the silicone, leading it to stink after just a few uses.

In reality, however, this is simply another case of people being resistant to change. Silicone does not absorb the tobacco that is smoked in it nor does it emit any rubbery smells or tastes. It is lighter than glass but certainly no less sturdy and definitely more durable. It has fantastic benefits such as its portability and foldability and also generally comes with other accessories that make the entire smoking experience even better.

The big question is whether silicone is better than glass or not. The reality is that this is down to personal preferences and to how the bongis treated. Someone who wants to take one with them while hiking in the Rocky Mountains should definitely opt for silicone. Someone who wants a decorative piece on their mantelpiece and who is sure that they will not smash it may prefer glass. However, in terms of easy and comfort of smoking, there really is no difference between the two. They each have their pros and cons and it is up to you to decide which one works best for you.

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