Arnon Dror confirms how to successfully mix business with pleasure

The belief in mixing business with pleasure is what drew Arnon Dror, of Portland Oregon, to the idea of creating his business/sports blog. His blog showcases business ideas and news but also showcases his much loved teams the Boston Celtics and the New England Patriots. Arnon wanted to have Sport, namely his beloved  New England Patriots and Boston Celtics, and business all housed under one website, so that other business professionals could read about revolutionary business ideas, performance and change and then have a quick look at how their local teams were getting on and then get back to work!

Arnon a Senior Operations Executive is a firm believer in mixing business with pleasure for many reasons.  He was the VP of Finance for the Us Channel Group Xerox and he believes that mixing business and pleasure allows you to network and make impenetrable business contacts. It can be quite a difficult concept and does require careful balance, planning and strategic moves.  Some business people consider it a necessity and some would avoid it at all costs, strictly keeping business and pleasure separate.

If you believe that mixing business with pleasure is a viable option for you then here are some tips to follow to achieve this. It is always wise to carry out the more fun activities at different locations to the business activities; this sets them apart which keeps things simpler. There will always be boundaries as to what is acceptable and these must be adhered to when mixing business and pleasure. If business runs through your veins as it does for most successful business people then you will be aware that a business opportunity can arise any time, any place, anywhere but you don’t want to come across as business through and through, so it is good to drop the sales pitch and talk about your hobbies such as, for example, the England Patriots and the Boston Celtics

The most successful business people are able to be themselves whilst also being a great business person. Attempt, as you would when hosting your own party at home, to keep everyone engaged and interested without going over the top and turning into the life and soul of the party!

Remember when you are socializing, especially if alcohol is involved, that people can say things that they do not really mean. You do have to remember that things that have been said outside of the office and not in working hours can then not be set in stone in the business environment, that isn’t a fair playing field and this must be remembered.  One thing is for sure if you are the type of person that can easily make friends or network you are guaranteed to have more success in business than someone who is not able to do this.

Why not take a leaf out of Arnon Dror’s book and get out there create your own blog covering aspects of your business and news such as trafficking or drug issues in your city. Give people the option to only need to go to one website or blog for their business needs as well as following the news.

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