Best Version Media Showing Why Print Media Won’t Die

It is no secret that the internet has had a hugely negative impact on print media and the majority of these outlets now have an online version of their magazine and newspaper that they create. For many years these companies were under the impression that print media would gradually die out, with more people viewing magazines and newspapers on tablets and laptops. With this being said however, there are still some companies that are keeping print media alive, and they show no signs of dying out. The company that I refer to specifically is Best Version Media, a publishing company with a bit of difference that is doing very well in terms of producing and selling printed magazines, let’s take al look at why they are succeeding.


Many of the global magazines are not doing so well because of the way that they are selling themselves to a global community. With regards to Best Version Media however, they are creating niche magazines which they sell in smaller communities. This company working with housing associations, with residential areas and with small towns, to produce magazines which the local area care about. The result of this approach means that far more people are actually interested in these magazines because they are discussing topics which are close to home for many people.


Within these local magazines there is an extensive classifieds section which mens that local businesses are able to advertise themselves for a far lower cost than they would pay to a magazine which was more widespread. Whether it be promoting a business or selling goods, the magazine offers a great deal of traction.


The people who are contributing the content for these magazines are not only staff at Best Version but also everyday people like you and I. For example if you are a member of a local Scout group that has just achieved something remarkable, you can head to the website and provide content which can then be included in the magazine for your local community. What this does is ensure that the community is receiving the correct information from other people within their locality.


Best version media is not only a publishing company that provides magazines for small communities, they also work with businesses to provide informative magazines. For example there are a number of housing associations that want to create sleek magazines for their potential buyers. These magazines are always better to have in one’s hand rather than telling someone to visit a URL, and this is why the company is still managing to make money in a heavily digitalized environment.


The cost of the magazines that the company produce is very reasonable and that goes for both companies who are paying to produce magazines, and residents who are buying magazines. Some publishing companies try to offer a kind of bait and switch when selling magazines, offering lower prices for bulk purchases etc. But with this company that is simply not the case, and the online reviews will attest to that fact!  

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