Christopher Halajian Looks at Latest Drink Driving Crash

After the latest elections in Southold and Mattiuck, it was clear that the general public was concerned about the amount of drink driving along the route in and out of the biggest estate in the area. Since Monday, a police task force has been set up that aims to deal with this showing that the election candidates have held up their end of the bargain when it comes to making the town safer for everybody. However, despite significant improvements and a reduction in the number of people caught drink driving, things don’t always go right. Christopher Halajian, along with other members of the community, was horrified to hear about the latest crash in which alcohol was involved, which left numerous people injured and one dead.

Christopher Halajian on the Latest Crash

A pickup truck, operated by a drunk driver, crashed into a minivan, killing a 51 year old inside the vehicle. The Long Island police was involved in this crash and were shocked at the extend of the damage. The 51 one year old was in Greenport along Route 48 together with a total of six passengers in the car. This was in the early hours of Sunday morning. The pickup truck, meanwhile, was driven by a 36 year old male. These are details that have been released by the Southold Police Department.

The 51 year old who died lived in Flushing, Queens. She was taken to the Stony Brook Hospital but was unfortunately pronounced dead at 10.30am. The vehicle also carried six passengers, none of which died as a result of the crash, thankfully. They ranged in age from 44 to 54 and all also lived in Flushing. Most sustained significant injuries, including severe bleeding and broken bones.

The driver of the pickup truck was immediately arrested on driving while intoxicated charges. However, an investigation is still ongoing into the circumstances surrounding the crash, which is why many of the exact details remain sketchy. Some people have immediately expressed concern at the fact that this crash could have happened at all, particularly since a significant task force is in place within the area to stop this from happening.

According to Christopher Halajian, however, the crash was a tragic accident and not in any way representative of the town’s efforts to curb drink driving. The overall statistics show that incidents of driving under the influence have reduced significantly in the area, which is a positive development and showcases a desire of the entire community to make the roads safer. Unfortunately, some will always slip through the net and accidents will continue to happen. This accident was particularly tragic due to the severe nature of the injuries to the passenger and the death of the driver. The community has come together to determine whether there is anything that can be done for the surviving family of the driver, which Christopher Halajian believes is a true show of just how close knit the Southold and Mattituck community is.


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