Common Misconceptions About CBD Pills

It seems like the entire world is talking about marijuana, THC and CBD but few people actually know what they are talking about. There are numerous internet retailers and startups that now sell CBD pills. People are interested in learning but since knowledge is limited, so many misconceptions appeared. We cannot talk about all of them but can discuss those that are really common so you do not end up thinking that they are true.

Myth: THC Is Recreational And CBD Is Medical

Most people believe that THC is recreational and just gets you high while CBD has all the medicinal properties. This is incorrect since it was already proven that THC has medical uses. For instance, THC does inhibit one of the enzymes that are a part of beta amyloid plaque formation, which is a big part of the dementia of Alzheimer. Even the US federal government recognized Marinol (single-molecule THC) as an effective appetite booster and anti-nausea compound. Even so, cannabis as a whole (the only natural THC source) is classified as Schedule I dangerous drug that has no medical value. This is why the misconception is so common.

Myth: CBD Is More Effective When THC Is Not Present

In reality, CBD and THC best work when used as a combo. They synergistically interact in order to enhance therapeutic effects. As an example, scientists proved that CBD does potentiate the anti-inflammatory properties of THC. Also, the San Francisco California Pacific Medical Center showed that THC combined with CBD is stronger in dealing with tumors.

Myth: Pharmaceuticals Are Better Than Whole Plant Medicinals

The US federal government states that individual marijuana plant components (CBD and THC) have a medical value but the plant does not. This is only because of a political and cultural bias that is clearly privileging the products coming from Big Pharma. Using single-molecule medicine is just the FDA-approved way but it is not actually the best way to take advantage of the benefits offered by cannabis products. There are hundreds of compounds that are present in cannabis, including aromatic terpenes, flavonoids and minor cannabinoids, all this besides CBD and THC. These are compounds that have some specific healing attributes.

Myth: Psychoactivity Is A Side Effect

Big Pharma wants to synthesize molecules that are marijuana-like and medically active without making people high. However, mild euphoric feelings, which often appear as the top psychoactivity seen, are not negative for both the healthy and the sick individual. Cannabis has euphoric qualities that are actually a big part of the plant’s therapeutic value. It practically has psychoactive properties just like so many other medicines do, but do not intoxicate as they are capable of.

Myth: High CBD Doses Are Better

When using CBD isolates you need a higher dose than when using CBD-rich extracts that are whole plant based. However, this does not mean that the single-molecule CBD option is better. Using a proper synergistic combo of THC, CBD and some other cannabis components will be really effective even at really low doses.

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