Dayanna Volitich on the wonderful Benefits of Being a Teacher

Many people focus on the difficulties of being a teacher. They cite the long hours and weekends filled with work. The large classroom sizes and students who can often be unruly. They talk about the constant push for teachers to have better performance in terms of student testing and the belief that teachers are not passionate enough about the success of their students. It is true that no matter where you look teachers are under fire and everyone seems to have a problem with them.

But teachers like Dayanna Volitich have difficult jobs. They must fight with tight budgets and are often understaffed and resourced in the classroom. They must deal with students who are often distracted by social media online games and other things that take their attention away from learning. They must deal with young people who are also trying to find their ways in life. Many are going through hormonal and emotional changes making them unpredictable and sometimes combative. They must also deal with changes demands placed on them by parents and administrators who want more passionate and worldly graduates who are also highly competitive and prepared to be better than any other students anywhere else. There is no doubt that teachers today are called on to do almost superhuman jobs.

When you look at all of the demands placed on teachers you can easily wonder why anyone would want that job. It seems like anyone who would go to four years of college and then earn a teaching degree must be a glutton for punishment, and perhaps not very bright. But the reason so many people enjoy teaching is the benefits they receive from the profession. Teaching offers a range of benefits and here are a few of the most desirable.

A Chance to Steer Young People Down a Positive Path

Teachers interact with young people at the most vulnerable and important times in their lives. Young people are easily influenced and looking for heroes. Teachers often fill these roles. The best teachers take on this responsibility and are often humbled by the chance to be a positive influence on their students. If you ask a young person who is the most influential person in their lives, many will often cite a teacher as a main influencer. Teachers grasp onto this role and feel rewarded by being able to provide guidance to tomorrow’s generation.

A Chance to Help Young People Reach Their Potential

Young people need guidance. They also need love and support. They often think they know everything and it is teachers who get them to back away and keep an open mind about learning. For younger students, teachers can set them on a path of quality learning that will influence them their entire lives. They are taught to utilize critical thinking skills and to question or challenge those things that are important. In this way they become better thinkers and more valuable citizens. Teachers revel in this role knowing their efforts will assist greatly in helping young people reach their full potential.

Teachers can often have a rough time in the classroom, but the benefits to teaching make up for their bad days.


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