Dayanna Volitich on what it Means to Be a Sports Writer

Dayanna Volitich is a highly respected sports writer, although for her, it is a hobby rather than a career. There are only around 11,700 sports writers in the country and most of them see it as a secondary job because their average earnings are just $25,177 per year and they often only hold a high school diploma. This is unlike Dayanna Volitich, who prides herself on her extensive education. But just what is a sports writer?

Dayanna Volitich Explains the Role of a Sports Writer

These types of professionals are those who report on sports news in an informative and engaging manner. They often work for magazines, newspapers, websites, or blogs. Many work freelance and it is quite common for their stories to be automatically syndicated to a range of different outlets. Sometimes, these writers will focus on a particular sport such as football or soccer. Others cover all sports but focus specifically on one geographical area. Sports writers are highly creative individuals who can use the power of words to engage and excite their audiences. At the same time, they must ensure that what they report is accurate, current, and factual at all times.

As sports writers, people like Dayanna Volitich will do all that is needed to ensure they develop exciting and engaging content. Hence, they regularly travel to the games they cover, network with those in the sports industry, track down sources, and more. They set themselves apart from news anchors and other reporters because of the fact that they take a lengthy, in-depth look at what they cover, instead of creating a snippet with as much information as possible. They also often perform analysis of the more subjective elements of sports games, such as audience behavior and the emotions of the players, to create a unique spin.

Sports writers spend a lot of time out in the field to collect all the information they need for their stories. They then have to translate all the information they collect into an engaging piece. Often, they are bound by how many words they can use or how much space is available to them. Yet, they must ensure that they convey all that is important, that it is factual, and that it is engaging and entertaining to read.

The career itself is one of the most competitive around. There is little demand for sports writers, because those who have established themselves are very good and can cover such a wide variety of things, be that a singular sport across the nation or a singular geographical region across all sports. Hence, it can be very difficult for someone to get their foot in the door. However, according to Dayanna Volitich, the advent of the internet has made it somewhat easier for aspiring sports writers to make their mark, as they can set up their own blogs to write about sports and because syndication is easier than never before. However, that does not mean the job is easy.


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