Dean Toriumi Reviews: The Benefits of a Rhinoplasty and Why So Many People Get Them

The trends today regarding elective surgery is that anyone who thinks about improving their appearance will take a serious look at the procedure. This is a stark contrast from the old days when the average person would not even consider it as a viable option. Now there is no community in the country that has not embraced it and the numbers of cosmetic procedures continues to climb.

The list of procedures continues to grow with top plastic surgeons now offering dozens of procedures guaranteed to rejuvenate and improve. Many of these surgeries have benefits in addition to a better appearance. They can also correct underlying health

Rhinoplasty Surgeries are Still Very Popular

Issues that have persisted for a long tie and are causing the patient distress.

One of the most popular procedures continues to be a rhinoplasty or nose job. Perhaps it is because the nose is such a prominent feature on the face that is draws so much attention to be corrected, but each year it remains in the top few procedures patients will opt for. Here are several other reasons people cite for opting for a rhinoplasty procedure:

Improved Self-confidence

Today more than ever, appearance plays a major role and how we think and feel about ourselves. There is no doubt that with all of the cosmetics, hair treatments and other beautifiers we are addicted to trying to look good. The flip side is that when you feel that you do not look good, it can lead to low self-esteem and even depression. This can have negative effects on our jobs, relationships and other parts of our lives.

A rhinoplasty can have a dramatic positive look on the face and can cause the self-esteem to immediately be lifted.  When someone undertakes the procedure it is nearly always because it will make them feel more confident and better about themselves.

Improved Health

As mentioned often there is a health benefit to getting a rhinoplasty. Perhaps the person has difficulty breathing due to the shape of their nose, or they were in an accident that has damaged the air passages. Or maybe the person had some illness or disease that caused some damage to the nose. In any case they will undergo the procedure primarily for better health but also get the benefit of a better looking face. Reconstructive surgery in the case of an accident to the nose can do wonders for someone who has an injury and the nose is a particularly ideal spot for it.

When selecting a plastic surgeon to ensure you do not end up with a bad one, make sure to pick someone who is fully licensed, is in good standing and is skilled at the procedure. Look for reviews of former patients to give you an indication of how they feel about the doctor.  But reviews will not tell the complete story. As an example Dr. Dean Touriomi reviews have been a little spotty but he is an excellent doctor that perhaps had one or two unhappy patients. So you need to also use your own judgment when selecting a surgeon for your rhinoplasty.

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