Dental Exam Clinton practice discuss what to expect

What to expect from your dental exam, Clinton practice, here we discuss the steps. The first step will obviously involve you introducing yourself to the receptionist who will take your name and who should be very upbeat and friendly. In a good practice you shouldn’t wait long unless you have arrived majorly early as receptionists and dentists are aware that a lot of people find the whole procedure very traumatic. The whole invasion of your mouth seems a little personal to say the least and a lot of people are scared that it will be painful which is actually far from the truth.

The next stop will be your dental hygienist who will again be friendly and upbeat and help to make you as comfortable as possible. Hygienists are dental professionals who have trained for at least three years and they are a vital part of the team. They give invaluable help regarding the preparation and assessment of patients.

The first stage will be a thorough and intensive cleaning of the teeth. They will scrape of plaque and tartar from the hard to reach areas and they will eliminate any remaining food particles. Your teeth will then get a smooth and shiny finish using a tooth polisher with a spinning head and slightly abrasive paste. Once they have your teeth prepped so that they can see what is going on your teeth will be examined. A metal probe and an angled mirror will be used so that the dentist can see all areas of your mouth and teeth. They will check for any softening of areas and any spaces that are bigger than they should be. Gum disease will be monitored for as well as any sores.

The final routine check will be an X-ray to check that there aren’t any other untoward things going on. Many practices are now using digital x-rays which emit ninety percent less radiation and are safer and convenient for everyone.

When all of this is done, your dentist will have a full understanding of what your oral health needs are and will be able to prescribe any necessary treatments to prevent or treat your issues. If further treatment is required due to issues that have been found this should all be explained to you by your dentist who will allow you to ask questions and will make you feel relaxed about the procedure. They will give you advice about what to do in the meantime and also ask that you book in another appointment in the relevant timeframe. Be brave and go and get this treatment done, some people become too scared to go but this is only going to make things worse in the long run. The issue will not miraculously get better, unfortunately.

If all is well, you can go along to the receptionist and book in your next appointment for six months’ time. Remember to flash her one of your biggest and toothiest grins, just to make your point that all is well.

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