Eric Horbacz discusses the importance of crowdfunding in modern business

Eric Horbacz is an entrepreneur with over ten years industry experience. He is the founder and CEO of StoolDuelinc which is a revolutionary way to play a pub quiz and generally interact with those around you. You download the application via a SaaS platform and you can play the quiz online compete for amazing prizes. With a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics from Coastal Carolina University, Eric was determined and destined for success. A highly successful business man with great leadership skills, his can do attitude will continue to bring him success.

Eric Horbacz has used his experience in company start-ups, leadership and project development and experience as a CEO to establish Might as well Bar & Grill in 2009 which is now a growing chain and places Eric as an advisor and consultant to up and coming restaurants. Eric Horbacz is very interested in the psychology and philosophy of individuals especially in terms of business and business relationships. He believes that crowdfunding appeals to the nature of both investor and entrepreneur.

Advantages of crowdfunding in your business are vast and varied. It can be a very speedy and hassle-free way of gaining the capital that you need to drive your goal. There will be no upfront fees or lengthy meetings. Also, if you have struggled to get finance due to having no previous work to convince the lender that it is a good business proposition then crowd funding may be the best option for you. It is an excellent way to market and promote your new venture and guarantees instant buy in from the investors and those who want to see if you succeed or fail! It could even lead to local or even national media attention, depending on what you are trying to achieve. The investors will be able to track the progress and also gauge the reaction of others which could encourage them to invest more and influence others, if they can see that your project has a lot of support and positive affirmation then this will encourage them to invest.

Further to this it is also a good way to gauge whether or not people do think that your proposal is a good idea, you may use this information to determine whether or not you should proceed with or tweak your plan. You may also encourage people with beneficial ideas to contact you and start some discussions that may be of an eventual benefit to your original idea.

The culmination of crowdfunding has introduced new platforms with this approach. It is a way for investors and entrepreneurs to meet and interact. The entrepreneurs wish to sell their business ideas and the investors can interact with them and other business men or potential investors as much as they require. The investors who are often very busy and successful business men can be introduced to new ideas in a very cost-effective manner and the entrepreneurs may just get the investment, belief and backing that they deserve. With over 200,000 members and 15,000 investors the scope is enormous.

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