Eric Wetlaufer on Keeping a Girl

Have you ever been dating someone, thinking that everything is going well and then all of a sudden it comes to an abrupt end? These things certainly happen when we court a girl, especially to my buddy Frank from Wesson, who seems to have the worst luck when it comes to dating and relationships being declined regularly and each time he thinks that things are going well, these women see things differently. One friend of mine who does not have this bad luck is Eric Wetlaufer, a guy who has always had luck with the ladies and in most cases, has formed some great relationships. I was chatting to Eric last week with this piece in mind, and here is what he does to make sure that his dates stick around.


Eric says that communication is key but that you should never bombard your date with daily texts. Eric likes to keep things pretty brief and simple here, and speaks about how you should save some conversation for the actual date. Another key piece of advice which Eric swears by is to only send text or voice messages, an email is not the way to do things.


Fidelity is a wonderful characteristic that all men and women should have and Eric says that if you want to keep the girl that you are dating, even before it is exclusive, you should still aim for exclusivity. If a girl that you are dating finds out that you are still playing the field, she may be less inclined to give you all of herself, which could spell danger for any future plans. Eric says that if you want to stay with the girl, make sure that she is the only company that you keep.

Taking an Interest

Something which Eric has done since the outset is to pay close attention to whichever girl that he happens to be dating, and genuinely listen to what she has to say. He remarks about how many men are only after one thing, so they instantly switch off when they are talking. Eric is the opposite to this however and he always takes great interest in their life, and makes sure to bring the subjects up again in the future.


Eric is someone who is a very honest friend and he tells me that he is the same with girls too. He comments about how everyone thinks that dating is some kind of game of smoke and mirrors but for him it is a very simple situation, boy likes girl, girl likes boy, boy and girl speak openly and honestly too each other. Eric does stress that there is a limit to your honesty, but that even when this limit is reached, you should never lie about things as the lies will only catch up to you.

How’s your luck with the fairer sex? Make you could try some of Eric’s approach and see if it works.

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