Hot books worth reading in 2018

Fallen out of the habit of reading before bed? Dedicate the second half of this year to picking up some hot books – below, we’ll share the page-turners we haven’t been able to put down.

1) Bad Blood: Secrets And Lies In A Silicon Valley Startup 

Like any sector of the economy responsive to the needs and wants of shareholders, the tech industry isn’t immune to doing things against the public interest. While these are typically minor things like monetization of things which used to be free and the encroachment of advertising, sometimes extreme examples of corporate greed make themselves known.

Bad Blood: Secrets And Lies In A Silicon Valley Startup tells the story of a biotech company which was working on an iPod-like device which promised to test one’s blood for a whole host of illnesses in the same way blood sugar machines assessed the health of diabetics.

Along the way, founder Theranos Elizabeth Holmes learned the device didn’t work as intended. Instead of starting from scratch, she decided to continue to keep up the charade for as long as possible to keep VC money flowing into her pocket.

By the time the con was discovered, she had pumped up the value of her company to over $9 billion dollars, despite bilking investors and endangering the health of patients.

Covering the process of how investigative journalism eventually brought her down, it is a compelling read of the 21st century’s first Enron moment.   

As tempting as it might be to read from cover to cover, you’ll want to set the book down at some point, as there are other forms of entertainment worth experiencing. 

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2) The Art Of Gathering: How We Meet And Why It Matters

Having a hard time meeting new people as an adult? It’s not just you: outside college, which is one of the easiest environments where one can hang out and make friends with new people, we often struggle finding venues to mix with and meet our platonic matches.

The Art Of Gathering: How We Meet And Why It Matters breaks down what makes some gatherings and parties amazing and why others are so awkward that we find excuses to leave early.

By taking lessons from author Priya Parker’s findings, you can put yourself into situations where both you and others feel comfortable interacting, making the friend-finding process much easier.

3) The Opposite Of Hate: A Field Guild To Repairing Our Humanity

Public discourse has seemingly turned on a dime in the past few years, and not for the better. It has transformed social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter into corrosive minefields that many now actively avoid for fear of having their day ruined or inadvertently ‘offending’ someone.

The Opposite Of Hate: A Field Guild To Repairing Our Humanity, an excellent read by political pundit Sally Kohn, attempts to get behind the sudden deterioration of civil debate so we can talk to each other again without having an existential screaming match break out.  

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