How To Make Your Next Workout An Enjoyable One: Follow These Tips To Making Getting Fit Fun

When it comes to working out and getting fit, some people just can’t seem to peel themselves off of the comfy couch and get to the gym. It seems like such a hassle and more of a chore than anything. If you’re really trying to get fit, don’t make working out an activity that you dread. Spice things up in your normal fitness routine by making your next workout not only productive but also enjoyable. Follow these tips to making getting fit fun.

Find a workout buddy. Every difficult task always seems much better when someone is alongside you doing the same thing, feeling your pain. So grab a workout buddy to motivate you, and don’t be afraid to get competitive. Competition is healthy when it comes to getting fit, and it will push you further than you ever thought you could go on your own. Whether it’s your BFF or boyfriend or sister or mother, bring someone to the gym with you, or find another activity that you both enjoy and can accomplish together.

Change it up. If you really are dreading your workout every single day, this means you probably need to change what you’re doing. Instead of spending 30 boring minutes on the treadmill or elliptical, try something else. There are so many forms of exercise out there, including yoga, weight lifting, swimming, zumba, circuit training – the list goes on and on. So find a workout that works for you, shows results, and you actually enjoy doing.

Track your progress. It is always fun to see how we progress throughout our fitness regimen. Even if we can’t physically see results, oftentimes there are days where we just feel stronger or more light on our feet. So track this progress by either keeping a fitness journal or taking daily pictures. It is also a good idea to set specific goals that you’re hoping to achieve, whether it’s weight loss or just a general feeling of accomplishment by going to the gym. Don’t forget that eating healthy is just as important so track that too.

Download a fitness app. If you’re struggling to find workout on your own that you enjoy, download one of the many fitness apps out there. Not only will you have set workouts laid out for you every day, you’ll be able to specify exactly what you’re hoping to accomplish and track your progress along the way. Many of these apps are free, and you can find anything from intense cardio boosters to peaceful yoga practices.

Incentivize your workouts. Push yourself even further by rewarding yourself as you see progress. If you’re hoping to lose a total of twenty pounds, every five pounds or so allow yourself something you’d really enjoy. Like buying a new outfit to show off that new hot bod!

Break it up.  If you feel like your workouts just drag on forever, and you can’t ever seem to want to finish them, shorten them up. Instead of working out for forty minutes, spend fifteen or twenty minutes doing a high-intensity form of exercise. This will make your workouts much more enjoyable, and also much easier to accomplish.

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