Larry Polhill on How to Be More Charitable

The world is becoming increasingly charitable, which is a wonderful development. Helping the less fortunate, explains Larry Polhill, is now possible in so many different ways that there really is no excuse anymore not to engage in it. Here, he reveals the 10 most interesting and fun ways to give to charity.

Larry Polhill’s 10 Ways to Give to Charity

  1. Give your stuff away. You are likely to have perfectly good clothes, toys, books, and knickknacks you don’t use anymore. You loved them once and someone is able to love them again. Give them away to your nearest thrift store or other charity so they can find a new happy home.
  2. Have a charitable wedding. You could have your wedding in a community center, ask a local soup kitchen to cater for you, buy your flowers from local stores, purchase centerpieces from charity shops, and so on.
  3. Give the gift of giving. Companies love “cause related marketing”, which means they encourage people to buy from them because they will give something to charity. Utilize this to your advantage, because these businesses have millions to give.
  4. Throw parties for a good cause. If you are throwing a children’s party, why not make the theme something to do with a local charity? This teaches children about the importance of giving while being fun at the same time. Things such as creating care packages for the elderly or collecting dog treats for the nearest pound are great options.
  5. Craft for charity. Lots of people craft things, be that through knitting, woodwork, art, crocheting, or any other way. All those things you make and then never use can also go to charity. You can donate them directly or you can sell them and donate the money.
  6. Get active for charity. Perhaps you have always wanted to skydive or cycle the length of the Hudson River. You can ask people to sponsor you to do so and donate the sponsor money to charity. Some charities have even set up support programs for this very thing.
  7. Help out the furries. It is likely that there is an animal shelter near you and they will probably need some sort of help. Go over and see what you can do, walk some dogs, do a food drive, donate medicines, and so on.
  8. Bidding for good. There are lots of online auction sites, such as eBay, where you can give to charity as well. eBay Giving is increasingly popular and basically means that you can add a little bit to the purchase price of the item you have just won and send it to charity.
  9. Donate your Air Miles. Frequent flyer miles are a hot commodity. Many airlines have donation programs, helping deployed service personnel come home for Christmas or supporting others who need to fly to come home.
  10. Donate your investments. Last but not least, if you have investments such as stocks or bonds, or old vehicles such as cars or boats, you can give them to charity as well. Best of all, you can deduct the value of your donation from your taxes.

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