Lindsey’s Impressive Emergency Restoration System

Everyone can agree with the fact that electricity is a true need for people from all around the world. Every single day we rely on electricity to live the life that we are used to. Just stay a few hours without an electricity supply and you quickly understand how important this resource is for humans.

Just as with every single system in the world in any industry, power distribution can fail. In some cases this is due to factors that are easy-to-counter, like equipment malfunctioning. However, in others we are faced with a much more serious situation that brings down the entire physical network behind power distribution. For instance, a massive landslide can take down power poles and high voltage lines can be destroyed. This is where Lindsey Manufacturing Company steps in with their ERS (Emergency Restoration System), which is capable of quickly bring power to affected areas.

Lindsey ERS

Lindsey Emergency Restoration System is a leading choice for utilities in all corners of the world. It involves structures created with the sole purpose of bypassing the permanent transmission lines as fast as possible. At the same time, the system allows bypassing towers of any possible voltage, all in practically all possible terrains.

The Lindsey ERS structures are easy to build in just hours. They can be installed via helicopter, crane or even by hand thanks to the technology behind them.

What is really interesting with the Lindsey ERS system is that its main purpose was always to be used on a temporary basis. However, because of how sturdy everything is, there are so many utility providers that actually decided to leave Lindsey towers in service. This has been happening for over 10 years now. The design is highly robust and simply a lot stronger than anticipated.

Can Be Erected Anywhere

One of the biggest advantages of using Lindsey ERS structures is that there are no geographical restrictions that apply when you want to erect towers. Along the years, ERS was installed in all terrains you can possibly imagine, even in highly remote areas around the world. There are Lindsey ERS systems that are in place now in the Himalayas, connecting mountains, EHV lines that cross the Middle East and even towers standing in Southeast Asia flood plains.

Lindsey ERS keeps conquering the toughest terrains in the world. This is thanks to a highly experienced and dedicated engineering team that is capable of determining the best possible structure design, together with right foundation bases, what installation methods work best and what anchors need to be utilized.

Final Thoughts

Lindsey Manufacturing managed to create a system that is much more impressive than what many think at the moment. We are talking about a way to bring electricity to remote areas. This offers so much potential and can allow people that never thought they will have a light bulb in their homes enjoy electricity. Obviously, together with power lines it is possible to add other cables. Why not also add some internet broadband cables to the mix?


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