Scott Tominaga describes the main Steps to a Career in Hedge Funds

Scott Tominaga Financial expert says there are more to the hedge fund myth than meets the eye. They are mentioned continually in the news and a lot of people will aspire to become a hedge fund manager, seeing it as a very well-paid job. It isn’t an easy gig to land though. There is so much competition and you must be extremely resilient.

In order to be a success in Hedge fund management you will need to be extremely hard working, find it easy to network and make connections. You will need to commit yourself to learning and keeping up to date with what is happening in hedge funds. You can do this through newsletters, reading articles and books about hedge fund management. You should have already committed all of the basis terminology to memory.

Your networking might also find you coming across some potential mentors. Many successful people feel honored and happy to help others out. They will need to see your passion and desire to succeed, that you act on any advice that they give you and that you are committed patient and humble when required.

You may also be able to carry out an internship or two, where you get to carry out research on behalf of a hedge fund. This will enable you to learn how that hedge fund creates trading opportunities and again it will give you the ability to network and look for a potential mentor.

Show your worth, find out what particular part of the market you want to be in and use all of your recent knowledge to write a paper on your specialist area. Then get it and yourself noticed in the industry.

If you are struggling getting interviews for advertised jobs then do some cold calling. They will appreciate your determination and resilience. Offer your services on a part time internship basis if they require.

Whilst you are waiting you could also consider working for a hedge fund service provider. They can again offer invaluable experience. You will be exposed to many important contacts and again this could lead the way to your desired and dream job.

When you get to your desired job interview then remember what skills they will want you to showcase. Show them that you have had a top class education; also show any money that you may have brought in whilst on an internship. Tell them about any extra skills you have including the papers you have written. If you have had a well-known mentor, then don’t be afraid to name drop.

As you pursue your dream you should also remember to connect with any other hedge fund professionals from people in your age group or class, or who graduated from the same school or who live in your area. You never know where these contacts can lead. Join the Hedge Fund Group (HFG) Attend conferences, join blogs, and offer your services. Remember to stay smart and humble and stay active. Keep moving forward you will eventually get your break. This resilience is what you will need to succeed as a hedge fund manager.

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