ShiftPixy discuss shift work and its necessity

ShiftPixy know that we do not all do jobs where we work from nine till five with a guaranteed hour or half an hour for our break, some of us have to work shifts and this can be for a variety of reasons. As a customer we want someone available to answer our queries on the telephone or live chat up to ten or eleven at night. We want the people at the other end of that chat to be prepared to work around our busy lifestyles. This means that call centers will need to be open later times and this will most probably mean shift work for its employees.

Another set of industries that is bound to work shifts is those in nursing or the care industry. It is understandable that these workers will need to be on hand for their clients or patients twenty-four, seven. The client will or may need attention at any point during the night and twenty-four-hour care is not at all uncommon in this field of work. This type of industry is always looking for workers and  one reason for this is that people are living, on the whole, a lot longer than they did before which means that more and more of them are developing illnesses which need care.

Lots of these industries may have departments and offices all over the US but they may also have centralized administration. This means that the administrative departments will have a lot of work to do with timetabling and scheduling cover for all of their different offices. This is a very difficult legislative task, which involves great administration skills along with patience and a very logical brain. Creating and filling timesheets which meet all employees’ desires is very time consuming and challenging process. Therefore, it can be much easier these days to get some automation to deal with this time-consuming task.

The importance of this role can not be underestimated. In a call centre if you are under staffed your clients may have to wait longer than they would expect and could become bored and frustrated. They may even decide to go elsewhere, and you could lose custom. If they feel angry and frustrated it is also likely that they will tell other people about their bad experience and they may urge others not to become customers. The staff themselves will feel demoralized as all of their hard work would be in vain.

In a care home situation, it is actually no exaggeration to state that messing up the shift rota could actually be a life and death matter. People who need this care can sometimes be in critical situations. If their elderly and infirm clients are left without sufficient care then this can have fatal consequences.

If we add to all of this the requirement for your company to keep records for all of their workers shifts, then you really do begin to see a need for an automated system. There are some of these on the market today which can solve your entire shift staffing needs.

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