The big differences that separate the good PR agency from the great

As is the case in every industry, there are the “good” companies and the “great”. As today’s title has probably already given away, we are today going to take a look at how this affects the typical PR agency.

In other words, if you as a company are looking for a PR agency that really is the best in class, what should you look out for? Contrary to popular belief, it’s not always the ones that charge the most that fall into this category (although naturally, there is some correlation). As it turns out, simply being based in a capital city can send rates soaring through the roof – so don’t for a moment think that you’re not getting a top service just because you’re not paying top dollar.

Following on from the above, let’s take a look at some of the big differences that separate the good from the great when it comes to PR.

The great have an avalanche of contacts

If you don’t have contacts, you just aren’t going to succeed in the PR industry. Period.

This is something that makes the whole industry tick and if you don’t have someone to turn to in your chosen niche, you are asking for trouble. Sure, you can knock on a lot of doors and if your story is good enough, you might get covered. However, in general, it pays to know someone and this is where the great PR agencies step into the picture.

If their first port of call isn’t in the office, they have alternatives. They always have someone that will publish a story, within reason of course.

The great can cover your industry properly

This next difference is actually quite unique to you, and it might mean that a particular PR agency is great for you, but not for someone else.

For example, if you were involved in something complicated like cryptocurrency, it goes without saying that the typical person just doesn’t have knowledge about this subject.

Immediately, this makes it very difficult to sell-in. However, if they know the subject like the back of their hand, they suddenly have a lot of leverage. In fact, if they have a particularly high amount of knowledge on a subject, they might be able to help a journalist out more and secure that elusive coverage even more quickly than first anticipated.

The great are as creative as can be

One of the big reasons why public relations has turned into such a skilled profession is that creativity is an absolute must. Particularly with the power of the internet, and even more technology at one’s disposal, it means that you generally have to be creative to work within it.

If you own something in a mundane industry, like HVAC for example, this is simply multiplied. If the agency you are pitching for doesn’t have any creativity, how do they expect to make a HVAC company seem appealing to the press?

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