Throw the Ultimate Labor Day Weekend Party By Following These Easy Steps

Labor day weekend marks the end of summertime, so it can feel a bit bittersweet. After three full months of barbecuing, swimming pools, sun tans, and popsicles, it’s fun to wrap up the summertime season with a Labor Day party that will not be forgotten. If you need some guidance in the party planning arena, never fear. Here are some easy steps to follow to make your labor day party one for the record books.

Send a funky save the date. Labor day is a big weekend holiday because people often view it as their chance to fit in a last summertime hurrah. So chances are some of your friends might get invites to multiple parties or events. Make sure that yours is the party they choose to attend, so send out a fun save the date including all of the details. Generally a good time to send out a save the day is at least 4 weeks before the party, just to be sure your guests can mark it on their calendars.

Choose a theme that everyone can get on board with. A Red, White, and Blue party is a theme that makes sense for any Labor Day event. But if you want to spice things up, choose a theme with a bit more edge. Like a Whiteout party, which pokes fun at the silly rule of “no white after Labor Day.” Be sure to include your theme on your save the date, and stay true to the theme when decorating for the party. A blue jean party is also a fun idea to play with, so let your guests know if they should come decked out in denim to represent the hard-working men and women of America.

Create a diverse menu. When creating the menu for your party, make sure there’s something for everyone. If one of your guests is vegan or vegetarian, offer at least one dish that this person can eat. As far as what to make, it’s always a good idea to take advantage of one of your last chances to fire up the BBQ. Meat and shrimp skewers, hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken, rib-eye steaks, and even grilled veggies are easy menu items that everyone will love. An easy salad like tomato, mozzarella, and basil is always a crowd pleaser.

Decorations are your key to success. Fun decorations always liven up a party, so choose decor that helps set the theme. Red, white and blue streamers and balloons are a must, American flag themed napkins and plates are easy to find, and you can even recruit your guests to bring themed food and drink items to make your job easier. Since your guests will be decked out in their themed outfits, half of the decorations are already done for you as soon as they walk through the door!

Plan fun-filled activities for your guests (especially for kids!). If you’re throwing a family event, and know for a fact that your friends are bringing their kids to the party, make sure to have some activities planned out. If you have access to a sand volleyball court or a swimming pool, use it. Keep the party going with a premade playlist, and set up a s’mores-making station for a treat at the end of the night.


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