Top 5 American Businesses To Work For This Year

When we search for jobs, we obviously hope to work for a company that is reputable, kind to its employees, offers great benefits, and has a great overall work environment. We can’t all say that we work for companies that follow through with these benefits, but employees that work for these five American businesses can honestly say they love going to work each and every day. Check out why Facebook, Google, Boston Consulting Group, Lululemon, and HubSpot rank as some of the best U.S. based companies to work for.


Employees of Facebook love going to work for so many reasons, and it’s not just due to the fact that they get free food every day. As a company, Facebook offers great starting salaries and benefits and really seems to care about the well-being of its employees. There are tons of opportunities for advancements within the company, and employees find it refreshing that the guys in charge make themselves present in the workplace, including Mark Zuckerberg.


Google has been accredited as one of the best places to work for the past ten years now. The campus alone is enough to make someone want to work here; this complex is over three million square feet of space and offers swimming pools, tennis and volleyball courts, free laundry services, and several cafeterias with diverse menus. If you land a job with Google, you’ll be working for one of the highest paying companies in the world, and the benefits alone are enough to convince anyone to work here.

Boston Consulting Group

Not only is Boston Consulting Group a world leader in global management consulting and business strategy, it also treats its employees with the utmost respect. This is why BCG has landed a spot on the Glassdoor Best Places to Work List for nine years running. Typically BCG recruits straight from college campuses, so it’s a great place for new grads to apply. Another perk is the high base salary, starting at nearly $150,000.


Even if you’re not into yoga or a fitness fanatic at all, chances are you’ve strolled around in a pair of Lululemon’s flattering and comfortable leggings. Known as the top running and yoga gear retailer, Lululemon has achieved more than just this. It is also known for its wide and fast expansion, hiring people with fair starting salaries and awesome benefits. As a company, Lulu prides itself on promoting a community vibe, and wants all of its employees to feel welcome and comfortable. To accomplish this, the company offers free yoga classes and team retreats.


Last but not least, HubSpot is a marketing software startup located out of Boston. This company’s mission is to offer its employees opportunities to learn, and HubSpot actually encourages its workers to think out of the box and be innovative. HubSpot truly listens to employees’ wishes, and now even allows pets in the office and gives unlimited vacation days. Another perk of working for this startup? Free beer after the work day!


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