Why choose trunk briefs?

Trunk briefs are one of a few choices in male underwear. Men very often underestimate the importance of underwear and making a good choice. If it is too tight, holey or not the color it once was due to fading etc then bin it asap. Replace them as soon s they get to this stage and do not keep our old favourites, its time for change.  There are many types of underwear to choose including boxers and many kinds of briefs.

You need to choose underwear that makes you feel good and comfortable, allows you to move and why not choose briefs. They are making a comeback and offer comfort and support, they allow your legs more room to move and they’re the best in comfortable men’s underwear: low, mid and full rise, which all have different benefits.

  • Low Rise Boxer Briefs this type underwear has a low cut, meaning that they sit at the bottom of your hipbone.
  • Mid Rise Briefs: These come up to your waistline, but still work as breathable underwear.
  • Full Rise Briefs: Even more coverage is provided with this style, with the band sitting below your bellybutton. These also make you look slimmer at the waist, if this is an issue for you.

You can however get a muffin top with these types of brief if you have a bit of a tummy, so they may not be the ones for you. Another type that are making a great comeback are trunks.

Trunks are another mixture of boxer short and briefs they have shorter legs than shorts but have the shame square box like shape. They are tighter than boxers and have the support of briefs. This hybrid makes them stylish, comfortable and supportive.

The final choice you need to make is which fabric you are going to go for. Here are some tips to help you decide.

  • Cotton: Men’s cotton underwear allows the skin to breathe. The   waistband is usually made of a stretchier material like elastane. Do not wear cotton for exercise however as it will absorb all of the moisture into its fibers.
  • Polyester: Another one that is usually mixed with other fabrics is polyester. This is a nice, stretchy material that allows you to move around. It’s thin and moisture-wicking fabric also means that it helps keep you cool
  • Modal: Modal offers less support than cotton, it feels nice and is a good workwear material.
  • Nylon: Nylon looks a little bit like silk and can be very smooth on the skin. Care if you have sensitive skin though as this can affect some people/. However, like polyester, nylon is durable and stretchy. This one is a great one for working out.
  • Silk: For those extra special occasions silk can look and feel great.
  • Antimicrobial Underwear: A type of underwear usually made from particles of silver or a material known as triclosan. These are recommended to promote hygiene and prevent odour.

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